So you want to learn about Jesus Christ, OK here are somethings I have watched, read etc

The first thing to do: Please exclaim "I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour" (but make sure you trust the Lord in your heart) and repent from sins

Are you depressed and need some hope

 If you are trans or anything that is not based on your real sex and you are OK with gay marage please know what you are doing is wrong and you need Jesus's help, repent and ask for forgiveness (just so you know, and if this helps share this if you want (I am not saying you are condemmed for your past doing, I am saying if you keep doing what you are doing you are just making it harder to be saved or even not to be so please just stop and ask for forgiveness, and spread the word about it like I am doing and even if Jesus does not seam to be there just trust that he is and I will pray that people will go to Christ, like he wants)

 If I can stop mastrubating so can you, you just need the will power from Jesus